Celebrating 10 years


The Ascot Racecourse wrought & cast iron entranceway to the
winner’s enclosure from the racetrack

Sold for £280,000 at the Ascot Racecourse Auction 17th May 2005


A superb collection of John Wisden's Cricketers' Almanacks from the first year of issue 1864 (see above and below).

Sold for £120,000 10th May 2007 (a world record auction price for a set of Wisden's)



The 1874 Open Championship medal won by the Scottish
golfer Mungo Park

Sold for £48,000 (a world record price for a golf medal) 18th May 2005

The sand iron used by Willie Park senior during his four Open Championship victories between 1860 & 1875.

Sold for £25,000 18th May 2005

A John Skeaping bronze of the racehose Mill Reef


Sold for £25,000 3rd November 2004

The Glensaddell Gold Medal won by the golfer Sir David Baird in 1849


Sold for £22,000 9th May 2006

A superb Tottenham Hotspur postcard collection with coverage of the club’s entire history from inauguration to modern times

Sold for £20,000 18th May 2005

The 9ct. gold and enamel Lonsdale Belt won outright by Tancy Lee in the feather-weight division, 1919

Sold for £19,000 18th May 2005

Tennis. An oil painting by Berly Cook.

Sold for £19,000 9th May 2006

A scarce single-sheet programme for the 1889 F.A. Cup final

Sold for £19,000 10th May 2006 (a world record auction price for a football programme)